Circular economy infographic

Circular Economy

The never ending journey Achieving circular economy is a journey, an idyllic economic system which seems so far beyond our reach. Perhaps it needs to be, in order for us to continually strive, to be challenged and avoid complacency.  So what is a circular economy and is it really achievable?  “A framework for an economy …

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Carved pumpkin


Wastage at Halloween Approximately 13 million pumpkins are used in the UK for Halloween. Unfortunately most of these are only used for carving and then the flesh is discarded. What a waste! Sadly most of it goes into general waste instead of being used for compost. With a little thought the flesh can go a …

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Goat on wooden structure

Between 60 And 75% Of The World’s Population Eat Goat Meat

You have goat to be kidding me! We took a trip to Kingston Smallholding on the Isle of Wight to find out more about the goats that were to provide the meat for our new dish.  We arrived at Kingston Smallholding a little before 9am on the Sunday. We were blocked from getting up the …

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Arc Consultancy and Biodiversity – with Ian Boyd and Claire Hector “Biodiversity is the name we give to the variety of all life on Earth. Bacteria to baboons, plants to people – the range of life on our planet is incredible.” Katie Pavid, National History Museum A few weeks ago I met the guys from …

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Compostable Packaging


Compostable Packaging – Lot’s of companies will say they offer compostable packaging and it’s a great selling point. But what do they actually mean? Does that mean you can put it on your compost heap? In most cases, sadly no. It was really important to me that we found packaging that was home compostable and …

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