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Eat Street is committed to reducing wastage and delivering the best quality food.  Having a pre-order for food means only what’s needed gets cooked and the food is achievable with a small team so the quality is better!

The trailer moves to a different town each day. You can find out where it will be on the ‘locations’ page.

Just call us on 07799186342 and we will help you get on track. Please do not try to manually operate the door.

Email Eat Street at info@eatstreetiow.co.uk or give us a call or text using the number on the homepage. You can also chat with us through Facebook or Instagram.

This allows Eat Street to deliver the food on time and means that you can approach the locker in a socially distant way. It also means that the food has a better chance of staying hot

No you don’t need to download anything.  Just click on the link in the email you will receive on the day of collection. 

This all depends on timing and workload, please drop us a message and if we can do it, we will!

Sure! Just include a note on your order, send us a text when you arrive and we’ll manually open your locker

Please bear with us, we are probably bagging it all up as it opens. We will leave the door to close automatically, and re-open for you

Eat Street supports social distancing and offers a safe contact free service for those still feeling a little uneasy about things…. Plus it’s cool!

9pm the day before pick up.

The allergens for each meal are available on the menu page. Unfortunately we do not have an allergen free environment to work in so it is possible that cross contamination can occur.

The order is processed at Eat Street. We will send you an email  on collection day with all the information you need including a unique digital key code. Enter the code in the link outside the locker and you will be able to unlock the door. Watch the video below to see more.

The food will be cooked fresh to be ready at the start of your time slot. The closer you are to this time the better chance your food will have of staying hot. We have insulated our lockers and the packaging helps to keep the food warm.

Your key will only work from the time that you have booked and it will be valid for 15 minutes.  As long as you are not early you can turn up during this time slot. The closer you are to the booking time, the hotter your food will be as once it is in the locker it is not heated in any way.

Yes, we are in the trailer freshly preparing your food

Check your spam folder as it may end up there. To avoid this happening, add info@eatstreetiow.co.uk to your email contacts. You may not receive your email until shortly before your pickup time but if you still don’t have it when you need it, give us a call or text on 07799186342/07716516148 and we will help you out. 

Don’t panic! If you’re going to be late just drop us a text and we’ll keep the food warm until you arrive

These are our locations according to what three words. Please click here to find out more – www.what3words.com

Watch our video to see how Eat Street works...

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