Alex Wibberley

Alex Wibberley

Compostable Packaging –

Lot’s of companies will say they offer compostable packaging and it’s a great selling point. But what do they actually mean? Does that mean you can put it on your compost heap? In most cases, sadly no. It was really important to me that we found packaging that was home compostable and not just commercially (which relies on temperature and humidity controls to degrade).

All the food packaging we use can go straight on your compost heap or in your food bin and it will biodegrade in a few months.  The sauce pots were the most difficult to ‘sauce’ (see what I did there?) but we managed to find a UK supplier and have committed to ensuring all the packaging is home compostable rather than having some that is and some that isn’t. 

So what about drinks?- Cans are not home compostable? – This is true and we will endeavour to do more when the packaging industry offers further solutions. For now the best choice of packaging between aluminium cans, glass and plastic is cans. There is a condition though – a new can involves the extraction of raw bauxite which is detrimental to the planet. So we source cans that are 100% recycled from other cans. 75% of the aluminium ever made is still in productive use today. Plastic still has a low rate of recycling and glass manufacture has a high carbon footprint. Recycling aluminium drink cans saves up to 95% of the energy needed to make aluminium from its raw materials.

Although we can always improve on our sustainability, at Eat Street we strive to keep our Carbon Footprint as low as possible, and are continuously reviewing ways to further reduce. We always try to make the right decision not the easiest one.

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