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Alex Wibberley

Alex Wibberley

Why Street Food?

Street food is highly emotive. It conjures nostalgia of travel and food markets around the world. It is rustic and gives the most authentic feel of the region. Street food is what locals eat. It is not designed for tourists, run by large corporations. It is what it says on the tin, relaxed, hearty, no fuss, tasty food. Local communities make their specialties for other locals and passing travellers. It is cooked fresh and looks and tastes amazing!

So why street food on the Isle of Wight? – Because we don’t already have it, or anything like it. Eating takeaway is less of a treat these days, it is a regular occurrence. As such it has become boring with a lack of choice and many households find themselves debating Indian, Chinese or Pizza. Because what else is there? And how often does everyone want the same thing? Eat Street is bringing choice to the household so everyone can have what they want. It gives people the chance to travel from their sofa and try World foods in a safe place -The Eat Street community.

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