The Horsebox

Alex Wibberley

Alex Wibberley

I woke up at the crack of dawn feeling excited and apprehensive. What is this familiar feeling? Have I stepped back in time? Am I five years old on Christmas morning? It feels like it, almost nostalgic.

Then I remember why…..

Today is the day I pick up my horse box, the date I have been working towards, the visualisation of my plans, the start of my kitchen build. This is the next big step towards my dream and vision. Only two weeks ago this was merely an idea in my head and now I am here.
I am full of nerves and excitement. Questions rush around in my mind – will it be as good as I want it to be? Will this risk pay off? Will I be able to reverse park a trailer?

The answer is yes to all, because I believe in this.
This is my time, my opportunity to shine. Today Eat Street is born.

Alex Wibberley

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