Bokashi composting set


An innovative kitchen composter made from recycled plastics that you can use even if you do not have a garden.





The 16-litre Bokashi Organko composters made of recycled plastic enable easy composting in the comfort of your home. The fermentation process doesn’t provoke unpleasant odours, and by using Bokashi bran you can reduce bio-waste by as much as 25%, obtain a base for first-class compost, a natural and effective drain cleaner and organic fertilizer for the garden and plants.

These indoor counter top composters are perfect for homes, offices, restaurants, cafes, schools, the list goes on!

Our set includes:

2x 16 litre Bokashi Organko Composters (Dimensions: 38 x 27 x 32 cm)
1x 1kg Bokashi Bran
2x Covers
1x Drainage Cup
1x Dosing Cup
2x Drainage Sieve
2x Handles
1x Leveling Trowel
2x Built in Taps
1x Instruction Booklet

Brief explanation of ‘Bokashi’

Meaning ‘fermentation’ in Japanese, this method of composting breaks down food waste using an anaerobic (without oxygen) process. The container is air tight once the lid is on, and around 2 weeks later you will be left with a block of fermented compost that can be mixed with an existing compost bin to accelerate it, or with soil to plant with. Please note, the block will be so concentrated it is advised to not use without being mixed with compost / soil before planting.

The food waste is layered up with a sprinkling of bran that has been inoculated with effective microorganisms which create the fermentation within the compost bin. The bin containers a spigot at the base, which should be used every day to draw liquid off. This can be mixed with water to create a brilliant plant feed, or can be thrown down the drain to keep algae away.  The liquid, once drawn off will need to be used within 24hours.

As the container is air tight it produces no foul smell at all, and is small enough to be placed on a kitchen counter. It is an indoor compost bin only that is perfect for limited space or no outside areas.

The 1kg bag of bran will last approx. 3-4 months when used with our compost bins. Refill packs will be available to purchase. The set includes 2 bins so you can rotate, once one is full the lid needs to be kept on tight for at least 2 weeks. In that time, the other one can be used.

All kinds of food waste can be put in the container – see picture. The items below should not be included within the Bokashi compost bin.

Waste not suitable:
Larger bones
Animal excrements


If you have any questions or would like more information please send us a message!

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