Trio of potted meats

200ml jars

Three very different meats all slow cooked with spices and flavourings. Perfect with crusty bread, in a wrap, tacos or on toast there are many things you can do with them but we guarantee you won’t have tried anything like this before.

Korean beef – brined for 24 hours and slow cooked for 2 days in a Korean marinade. Picked and pressed with spring onions, SSamjang and sesame oil.

Jerk goat – Goat scrag (neck) rubbed with jerk spices and slow cookeed for 2 days until the meat falls off the bone

Maple smoked chicken – Chicken thighs brined for 24 hours, slow cooked in chicken stock for 24 hours and then smoked with maple wood chips and mixed with spring onions, herbs and mascarpone cheese.

5 days shelf life from delivery. Store in the fridge

The practice of potting meat was originally to preserve before the days of refrigeration. A slaughtered animal would often be too large to consume quickly enough and so the fat would be retained and poured over the cooked meat to seal it and slow decomposition. We have designed these jars to be eaten over the Christmas period so we haven’t added the traditional fat layer .

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